HP/HT Inserts

High Pressure/High Temperature connectors for downhole applications

Boot Seals

Elastomeric boots custom designed to provide hydrostatic seal to 20kpsi. Eliminate the need to bond to connectors or cable jackets

Rubber Molded (A Series)

Elastomeric molded inline cable connectors. Various sizes from 1 to 10 contact in Neoprene® or Viton®.

Bulkheads (A Series)

Connectors designed to mate with the A Series rubber molded connectors providing hydrostatic block to bulkheads and junction box housings.

Metal Shell Connectors

Connectors designed for subsea applications. Metal shells with GRE contact insert providing open face hydrostatic block. Many options including armor terminations, pressure compensation and mechanical terminations.


These penetrators are manufactured with metal shell and a GRE contact insert as the hydrostatic block. Provided either molded or field installable.


Cable splices are provided either molded or field installable and be all elastomeric or metal shell with o-ring sealed GRE contact insert.

Proximity Switches

Leverless limit swicthes modified with a WETechnologies A-Series bulkhead connector.

Junction Boxes

Subsea and surface junction boxes custom designed to fit your application.

Custom Products

Custom designed products manufactured in various elastomers or glass reinforced epoxy thermoset compounds.