Custom Boot Seals

Custom Boot Seals are designed and manufactured to fit a wide variety of applications and environments. These specially designed seals are used in aerospace, military, marine, petroleum and various commercial products for both electrical and fiber optics. Boot Seals provide protection against splash, spray and hydrostatic pressure to 20,000psi. Gas applications are also possible with specially formulated elastomeric compounds. Boot Seals have many advantages over molded cable terminations. With Boot Seals, the customer is no longer restricted to bondable cable jackets and wire insulations. Failures resulting from pressure cycling of the bond area (delamination) is eliminated. Seal Boots are field installable and can easily be removed by the customer in the field reducing costly downtime. Boot Seals can be designed to seal dry type connectors eliminating the expense of pressure proof connectors.

Our engineering staff will work closely with your engineers to provide the most economical and highest quality product to fit your application.


Materials: Neoprene®