Bulkhead Connectors


Our A-Series bulkheads are used in a wide range of industries to include the Petroleum Industry, Military, and Entertainment. These bulkheads are rugged, dependable and can be easily configured to fit most applications.

Our standard A-Series bulkhead connector uses a removable contact insert manufactured with gold plated contacts and molded in a glass/epoxy thermoset material. The contact insert is then o-ring sealed to a metal shell and retained with a snap ring. This configuration provides field repair by the customer or replacement of the insert if the customer decides to change contact configuration. Connectors are keyed with a single large contact and are available in a variety of interfaces from 1 to 10 contacts. Many standard shell configurations available with the mounting interface in single o-ring, double o-ring, and male or female pipe thread. Pressure ratings available up to 20,000psi.

Download complete pdf A-Series Bulkhead catalog