Downhole Connectors

High Pressure HP/HT & Medium Pressure MP/MT

The HP/HT and MP/MT connector series is designed for use in downhole applications. Connectors are available in 1 to 15 contacts with outside diameter less than .750Ø. These connectors are pressure rated up to 20,000psi @ 200°C (392°F). Uses include LWD and MWD tools. Some connectors also available as a penetrator.


Materials: Shells: 316ss, 17-4ss, Ampco 45
Support Rings: Ampco 45
Insulator: Proprietary Glass/Epoxy Composite
Contacts: Leaded Nickel Copper
Beryllium Copper
Plating: Gold
Seal: Viton® 90
Contact Size: #22awg to #16awg
Contact Clocking: Male: CCW, Female: CW
Pressure: 20,000psi @ 200�C (HP/HT)
10,000psi @ 150�C (MP/MT)
Electrical: DWV: 2.2kvdc up to 12kvdc on single contact HV connectors
IR: 1000 megohms minimum @ 500vdc

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