Metal Shell Connectors


L-Series connectors provide the ultimate in reliability and versatility. These connectors are used in subsea applications for signal and power requirements where long term reliability is a must. The L-series are provided in three termination methods.

"Molded" provides the most economical termination method using elastomers to bond the connector to cable.

"FA" provides field assembly using epoxy back potting and custom "Boot Seal". This Boot Seal is designed to provide the hydrostatic seal between the connector and customer specified cable.

"FAT" provides the ultimate in reliability and field assembly by the use of multi-level "Boot Seals". The "FAT" termination creates hydrostatic seals at all cable jackets and conductor insulation levels. With multi-level seals these connectors remain fully functional even when completely flooded with sea water. The "FAT" termination additionally provides an internal pressure chamber allowing for hydrostatic test capability after field termination. Options for the "FAT" termination include full mechanical termination to steel or Kevlar®, pressure compensation, underwater mate, and breakaway coupling rings for remote disconnect.


Materials: Shells: 316 s.s.
Engaging Nuts: Ampco 45
Contact Size: #22awg to #0000awg (Depending on interface)
Contact Clocking: Male: CCW, Female: CW (#1 pin at keyway)
Boot Seal: Viton® 90
Cable: Customer specified
Pressure: 0-20kpsi
Electrical: DWV: 2.2kvdc to 12kvdc (Depending on interface)
IR: 100 megohms minimum @ 500vdc