Penetrator assemblies are used where an electrical disconnect is not required and available for both signal and power applications. Used extensively for DDC’s, SAT Systems, Bell penetrations, Hydrostatic and Pneumatic pressure chambers.

These penetrators use a contact insert pressure barrier manufactured with gold plated contacts then molded with a glass/epoxy thermoset. These inserts are then o-ring sealed to the outer shell and retained with snap rings. After wire and cable termination, the molded assembly version is potted with epoxy and overmolded with Neoprene®. Other elastomers available upon request. Standard pressure rating 1,500psi bi-directional with custom penetrators to 20,000psi. Assemblies can be provided with MNPT, SAE or Metric threads with single o-ring, or double o-rings. An additional key feature on select models is the shear point shell. In this design, the pressure block is inboard of a shear groove which will maintain the pressure barrier even when the penetrator has been completely sheared from the bulkhead wall.

Two additonal termination methods are available.

FA (Field Assembled) - which uses the same components as the molded version with the exception of the outer jacket seal provided by a boot seal.

FAT (Field Assembled & Testable) - which is custom engineered to provide multi-level seals, field installability and field pressure test capability. See Technical Data for a more complete description of FAT terminations.