Rubber Molded Connectors


The A-Series is designed to provide a reliable yet economical subsea connector for use in a wide variety of applications. This series is available in four sizes and various configurations. Designed to be mated as an inline connector set or to the A-Series bulkheads. Contact roll reversal available in many interface configurations. Termination to cable is provided in two ways. Standard is the 'Molded' version which is directly bonded to the cable. The 'FAQ' field assembled version is terminated using a custom 'Boot Seal' to match the customer specified cable. Applications for this series include subsea instrumentation, sonar arrays, DDC's, SAT systems, ROV's, towed arrays, and underwater lights.


Materials: Connector Body: Neoprene, (Viton® optional)
Locking Sleeve: Delrin, (316ss, 360 Brass optional)
Clocking: Male: CCW, Female: CW (#1 pin at keyway)
Boot Seal: Neoprene (Viton® optional)
Cable: SOOW-A, SJOOW-A, (-FA cable customer specified)
Pressure: 0-20kpsi
Electrical: DWV: 2.2kvdc to 12kvdc (Depending on interface)
IR: 100 megohms minimum @ 500vdc

Download complete pdf A-Series Rubber Molded Connectors catalog