Proximity Switches

WETechnologies uses GO leverless limit switches which are modified to use our A-Series bulkhead connector as the pressure barrier providing a reliable disconnect for use in wet applications. These bulkheads have a removable contact insert which is o-ring sealed to the shell and retained with a snap ring allowing for field repair if the insert becomes damaged. The mating connector can be provided in either a straight or right angle configuration and either molded to your cable or in a field installable version. These connectors are coupled to the switch with either a S.S. or Delrin locking sleeve. As an option to the connector interface, we provide custom boot seals to match your cable for permanent cable termination to the switch. These boot seals are field installable and are manufactured in various elastomers to meet your fluid environment. Both termination methods are capable of 10,000psi service.

These switches are highly reliable as there are no external moving parts and no reed contacts to wear or fail. Electrically these switches can be wired for AC or DC and N/O or N/C. Contacts are rated at 4amp/120vac, 3amp/24vdc, and 0.5amp/125vdc. Switches are RFI immune, do not require power to operate and have no current leakage or voltage drop.

Download complete pdf Proximity Switches catalog